martes, 20 de noviembre de 2012

Radio Receiver "Christmas at The North Pole"

Christmas at the North Pole

This is a special gift from Santa Claus to all of you,
Merry Christmas,

see you inworld (Christmas at North Pole)
In a secret location of the North Pole, when Christmas time is coming, Santa Claus and the elves are working hard. In the Village of Santa Claus, at the central post office, Christmas letters keep coming, and Santa Claus reads the letters and knowns who has been naugthy or nice. The elves are working hard in the workshop, the reindeers rest in the barn, and hope that Santa guides his sleigh on the most magical night. The elf's store is full of Christmas trees, decorations, toys and Christmas animations North Pole is a magical Christmas destination to visit. Christmas at the North Pole

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